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Subscription and Donation Information

Cell 2 Soul does not accept any advertising and is completely funded by the generosity of its readers. If you enjoy our journal and want to help us continue publishing independent, thought provoking work, then please help support us. Those who wish to support Cell 2 Soul are encouraged to send $25 USD to become a subscriber. Donations of any amount, more or less, will be accepted. If you have any questions about donations, please contact us at donate~AT~cell2soul·org.

There are three methods of donation:

  1. Send a check for $25 USD, payable to Cell 2 Soul, to:

    Cell 2 Soul
    c/o Dr. David J. Elpern
    12 Meadow Street
    Williamstown, MA 01267

  2. Make a donation through JustGive.org or Network For Good. Donations are made to the Kauai Foundation for Continuing Education and should be designated for Cell 2 Soul. Please click on a button below:

    Donate Now Through JustGive.org     Donate Now Through Network for Good

  3. Send us a donation with a credit card (via PayPal, a well known and secure, e-payment company). Please click on the button below:

Join Our Mailing List

If you are interested in what we are doing, and want to know more about new issues and special events, please join our mailing list.

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