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Volume 2, Issue 1
Spring 2006:

Winter Solstice

Rex Couch

Cell 2 Soul. 2006 Spring; 2(1):a12

December 21, 2002, Issaquah, Washington

Dark. Darkness seeks to sap my senses,
     sight, touch, even taste
Dwindle, atrophy, muted,
wane before this opacity.

Dark. Darkness attacks my brain
     as a thief on the roof
     taps through and drops into
          my being.
Descends on a murky evil line.

Gray. Gray is the hue of daylight now;
     pallid light unpierced by sun makes me suffer.
Am I the one
     who walks alone,
Dreaming away this dreary haze?

Pale. Pale light that illumines
Nothing but this rain-damped street,
     where sensing little,
I tread apart.

Clear. Clearer grows the ebbing day.
The clouds escape and run
     from skies turned azure.
Breezes chill but bracing
     Herald night's oncoming beauty.

Brilliant. Brilliant this time that drinks
of glory from the winter sun.
A star that illumines heart, soul and mind alike,
     Repeats the joy of all Decembers' memories
And turns the solstice into light.

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