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Volume 3, Issue 2
Summer 2007:

Fran Yu, MD

Fran Yu is a resident in Maine Dartmouth Family Practice Program in Augusta, Maine. She graduated from medical school in China in 1985, and pursued graduate school in the Kyushu University Medical School in Japan after four years residency training in Neurology in China. Fran received her Ph.D in neuroscience in Japan in 1994 and came to the United States for continuing postdoctoral training. She also worked as a research scientist in pharmaceutical companies for 5 years before started this residency. She is the mother of two boys ages 15 and 11. Her husband, a Sr. Research Scientist and their two boys still live in Boston. Why did she choose family medicine? She believes Family Practice requires not only comprehensive knowledge but also professional interpersonal skills with cultural sensitivity in assisting patients. Her multi-lingual, multi-cultural background, training in clinical practice and research experiences would give her significant advantages to provide continuing and comprehensive health care for a primary care population.

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