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Volume 2, Issue 4
Winter 2006:

Elaine Adler

A former Speech and Language Pathologist and Technical Editor, Elaine now dabbles in writing and creates calligraphic artwork for happy people as they celebrate life cycle moments. She loves when her pen or brush tell her where they want to play on the page. A night owl, she takes breaks from being hunched over her drawing board or keyboard by dancing around the house at 3 in the morning to loud and joyful music.

Elaine is particularly grateful that she is able to be playful with her delicious grandchildren, passing on the love that she received from her own grandmother. She finds as many excuses to be outdoors as she can, whether marveling at Nature's awesome canvas, walking, biking, gardening, or just feeling the sun on her skin and a light breeze on her cheek.

Having been a patient, she knows what she wants from the medical system, and it isn't what is usually offered. She learned early on that "managed care" means that one has to "manage one's own care." Elaine believes strongly in the power of the mind-body connection, and in healing from the inside-out rather than merely treating the symptom. She also knows there are caring medical healers out there who treat their patients as respected beings, and hopes their humane approach will soon become the norm.

To give something back for her own blessings, Elaine is now a hospice volunteer. Some of her most peaceful and rewarding moments are spent at the bedside of remarkable people with whom she shares moments of grace.

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