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Volume 2, Issue 2
Summer 2006:

Robert A. Norman

Dr. Norman graduated from Michigan State University with high honors and attended medical school in Chicago. He began writing during undergraduate training and published several articles in the school yearbook. He now has published more than 100 articles in the lay and medical press, including the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences. His article Fire in the Flesh is in the February 1999 Discover Magazine, and an article on leprosy was in the February 2002 issue.

Dr. Norman has taught creative writing for more than ten years. In 1992 he was provided with the Massachusetts Arts Lottery fellowship to teach senior citizens in creative writing; a collection of writing based on this teaching was published the same year under the title Where Wisdom Shines. In addition, he was recently selected for the national poetry project by Robert Pinsky (United States poet laureate) and interviewed on NPR.

Dr. Norman's most recent book of non-fiction, Mother Nature, Father Time has been recommended by Ed Annis, M.D., former head of the AMA. His previous book, Take Two Aspirin and See Yourself in the Morning, has been cover-endorsed by Robert Coles, M.D. (Pulitzer Prize winner) and has been well-received by the public. His film (along with Garrett James Brown) Alternatives which focuses on choices in long term medical care, is being used for teaching medical students at Harvard University, University of South Florida, Nova Southeastern, and many other universities and libraries. Dr. Norman's novel Gaspar Returns was published in 1997, and the screenplay he wrote based on the book was given top honors by the Florida Motion Picture Association. His most recent book (co-editor) is Clinical Geriatrics published by Parthenon/CRC (London/New York 2003); he was the editor of Geriatric Dermatology published by Parthenon/CRC (London/New York 2001). He is also the author of Mastero Medical Detective, A Doctor's Little Instruction Book, Dermatologist's Little Instruction Book, and I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow to name a few. He has even recorded a music CD, Florida Blues.

Dr. Norman enjoys tennis, music, fishing, golf, and kayaking. He has written seventeen books, including the recently published To Life! (Stories and Quotes for a Happy, Healthy, and Spiritual Life). He was a speaker at the St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading (November 1998), the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Writers Workshop (July 1999/July 2000/July 2001/July 2002) and other writers' festivals where he teaches medical writing, memoir writing and autobiography, and inspirational writing.

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