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Volume 2, Issue 1
Spring 2006:

Woody Weingarten

Woody Weingarten can't remember a time when he couldn't talk — or play with words. His first poem was published in high school but when his hormones told him he was an adult, he decided he'd rather eat than write. It wasn't until midlife that he changed his tune.

Woody's been using words — big, small and hyphenated — professionally since beginning his career as a journalist in New York City 45 years ago. For five of those years, the bearded, bespectacled keyboard guy was a music columnist for Audio magazine. The rest of the time, he wrote theater and book reviews while editing daily and weekly newspapers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California. He even published a couple of his own publications in Clearwater, Florida.

With two lines of punchy greeting cards and a bunch of news awards under his belt, along with a few extra pounds, he recently completed a manuscript with the working title "Roller Coaster." It depicts a male caregiver's emotional journey through his wife's breast cancer and recovery.

As part of that recovery, not incidentally, Woody and his wife, Nancy Fox, co-wrote a musical-comedy revue called "Touching Up the Gray," a mostly amusing look at the aging process. They're now seeking, just like in ancient Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney movie heart-tuggers, a barn to house the production (or, for that matter, any other theater an angel can find).

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