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Volume 3, Issue 2
Summer 2007:

String Theory

Jane E. Babin

Cell 2 Soul. 2007 Summer; 3(2):a5

Toss me rays of sunshine,
       see what dances in them.
I am here but are you really there
       if I close my eyes?
Think of time in circles then
        chase me on the wind.
In shadows I will float about
       your room.
Do you really exist beside me when
       I do not see you?
Let's not try to contemplate that
       which we cannot know.
Let us both just drift off into space,
       weightless and free.
We are just an experiment,
       the universe a petri dish.
Who studies us now and in which
       diametrical dimension?
Let's play hide-and-seek with God
       while we have a little more time.

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