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Volume 3, Issue 1
Spring 2007:


Jane E. Babin

Cell 2 Soul. 2007 Spring; 3(1):a17

My doctor gave me a hug today
in his office at the end of my appointment.
He said," You need a hug", then wrapped
his arms around me.
I never expected the intimacy of his concern.
Alone for so many years
       one becomes accustomed to the lack of touch.
Yet it felt warm and pleasant like rubbing one's hands
       over a fire on a bitter winter day.
Perhaps he saw the resignation in my eyes
       and felt connected to my fear.
But there was sadness in his eyes as well.
It came to me later in the day
       as I pondered his hug, his words,
that he was really talking to himself, addressing years of anguish
       over his young son who, like me, is trapped in a wasting body.
For one moment, he saw his dying son in me.
And in that space, arms around each other,
       comfort and pain merged and sped off to the sky.

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