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Volume 2, Issue 2
Summer 2006:


Blanche Rosloff

Cell 2 Soul. 2006 Summer; 2(2):a21

It was the season
of hurricanes and skeletons
when Peri and Evan
emerged from
their safe inner space.

No bigger than a loaf of bread
at 24 weeks
each weighed
one pound three ounces.

Dazed I pondered a moon
of enormous sadness.
How can they live?
How will they survive?

Their parents
nurtured their babies:
sang to them,
cradled them, told stories.

They were there
when doctors and nurses
attempted to correct eye problems,
hernias, breathing distress,
when decisions were made
regarding medications.

E-mail's went out.
"Auntie, they now weigh
over six pounds. Our doctor said
they could be home by Friday!"

My tears well up.
The twins, with their parents,
their medical team
working side by side,
had overcome
the authority of death.

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