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Volume 2, Issue 2
Summer 2006:

My Dream Job

Caitlin Stiglmeier

Cell 2 Soul. 2006 Summer; 2(2):a11

For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in medicine and helping others.

Why do I feel so passionately about helping others? In my young life I have looked into other eyes filled with pain, disappointment, and confusion. I have smelled the odor of open wounds, the stench of decay. I have touched the sick and the lame and the orphan. I have walked through rural villages where the mere color of my skin gave me status. In my wanderings through ancient ruins, mass graveyards, hospital wards and sparkling hotel lobbies, I have witnessed the effects of war, corrupt governments and genocide. I have come to appreciate the differences between modern and traditional healthcare. Through it all, I could only stand there and take it in, hoping one day to return to help those who taught me so much from the little they had.

Photograph by Caitlin Stiglmeier

Now ready to make choices about fulfilling my lifelong dream, I realize that my other passion — writing — can play a part. My dream job would be to found a medical journal focused on the humanitarian aspect of medicine, similar to Cell 2 Soul, that would serve undergraduate and graduate students interested in health care on the national and global scene.

At core, I envision a journal that examines why we follow the call. I see sections with commentary from medical students: why they chose that path and what it has meant to them thus far; interviews with "older and wiser" doctors who can share pertinent knowledge of their specific field and how their lives have been shaped by their profession, as well as how interactions with patients have enriched their lives.

The journal would provide an opportunity for students to voice their experiences, concerns and fears. Many students my age have witnessed atrocities in the world, and have cultivated visions for the future of national and international healthcare.

It would also be a resource for news in the medical field and healthcare issues; scholarship and internship information; spotlights on medical schools, graduate schools and global organizations that advance the delivery of medical care. It would provide information on volunteer opportunities, ways to get involved beyond the local community, and updates on students currently living abroad.

Through the collective wisdom of photography, poetry, prose, humor, and book reviews, the journal would help readers to realize the importance of treating the whole person, not just his or her ailment.

My dream would be to devote myself full time to this journal to incorporate my love for writing and learning from the first-hand experiences of others with my passion for healthcare delivery. My task is to turn my dream into reality.

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