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Volume 1, Issue 4
Winter 2005:

Visit to the Cardiologist

Mary K. Lindberg

Cell 2 Soul. 2005 Winter; 1(4):a20

Heart-free I look up from hunk mag
in waiting room dark-eyed heartthrob
staring at me flashes his eyes;
heart beats faster first time
passion for total stranger.

"What you describe sounds like
'skip beats,' not uncommon,"
begins the cardiologist.
"It's electrical. An extra
early beat that you
do not feel is followed
by a pause. Did you feel
a suspension?" He smiles.
"You're still alive. But the next
throb, more forceful,
makes up for inertia.
That's the one you feel
when you lie down to sleep."

I wanted to ask
is this skipped beat
the moment I hurl myself
into a new dimension
brimming with honeyed passion,
or just a prelude
to yearning
for something
that didn't happen?

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