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Volume 1, Issue 3
Autumn 2005:

Three Poems: The Doctor's Cell / Not in Me / Matters of Trust

Rex Couch

Cell 2 Soul. 2005 Autumn; 1(3):a4

The Doctor's Cell

You. you cells there,
What are you doing anyway?
How did you turn up in my neck?
What's your plan?

Nestled in the nape of my being,
A parasite in search of my blood.
What's in it for you?
Must you nest here for happiness?

I never did anything to you;
Didn't swat or squash you,
Or calumniate your invasive nature.
We need not to have met.

Billions of gardens for you to grow in.
Who planted you in mine?
Are you trying to produce some fruit
Or spawn some ugly fauna?

I recognize your need to grow.
I have known your kind for many years
Of careful study, trained eyes seeing
You have motives malignant.
(There, it's been said.)

What if my friends and colleagues
Seek to kill you — surely your goal is similar
We have ways, you know.
You're not so strange to us.

Why don't you just lie there
In atrophy of ennui or fear?
Go to sleep, be tranquil.
I can rock you to sleep in calcific calm.

But just be warned.
Any further action you take
Will meet strong concerted counterattack.
We're bigger than you, you know.

We can rearrange your genes,
Denature your DNA (split your family),
Cross-link fatally your life's nodes,
Batter your cells asunder.

I beg nothing from you.
Be wise, pull in your sentries.
Send no one out into my core.
Take care lest your fate exceeds your might.

Yes, you cells, harbingers of mortality,
Learn by all of man's knowledge
You will not, can not vanquish me.
My legions stand stalwart, unyielding.

Be sorry you started this at all.
Better to have preserved in benignity
Those invaders you set loose.
Know this battle will cost your life.


Not in Me

Your dissonant music plays slowly
To lull me into false belief.
Its melodrama a farce of nature
Played to suffer me what? A plunge into darkness?

I know your melody, your methods.
You write glibly as an act of war.
Your elegy hidden in phrases of disharmony
Offers nothing real but a wandering night journey.

I reject your arrogance of purpose.
And refuse the ignoble suffering you bear.
My melody sings aloft, not entunneled.
When I sing, you shall learn the phrases of my etude.

Though I cannot erase your score,
Its notes run in an evil of mystery,
Play on in the fixity of my strength,
Project that noise in a nest of whirlwind.

Your ethic lies alongside ancient perfidy.
You play in harmony, but promise only agony,
Plunging to new depths in valleys of discord.
I join you not in that infamous movement of falsity.

No, no threnody will I accept.
I play my open verse in keys of hope and strength.
My soul's harp plays love,
So play on, play elsewhere, play not in me.


Matters of Trust

So, comes a battle, fate in the balance.
Order and form need rise from chaos,
Attack from the inner core
Is engaged by the master of skill.

Enemy lines are drawn from random evil.
The mode of response honed and seasoned.
Counterattack, though measured, confronts enemy stealth,
Its maps and charts plying wild strategy.

In the castle, word by the king is:
Confront every cell of this adversary,
Withhold no troops, surround and
Excise him in toto, every tactic practiced and sharp.

Can these encircling maneuvers
Vanquish and destroy completely?
Will the master eliminate all the enemy's movements, strengths?
All must be achieved, leaving the sphere intact, functional.

After this engagement, fought long with great finesse,
The castle breathes with relief and joy.
Knowledge of the foeman's destruction now near certain,
Groom and cultivate the fields smoothly.

Casualties are treated attentively,
Repair of bulwarks extends to all borders
Enabling full return to a peaceful sovereignty.
Restored architecture gleams in the sun.

Its rays, magnified to light the riches of victory
Pervade and nurture the field of conflict,
Search out and destroy cryptic elements,
Cleanse and clear every vestige of the confrontation.

It warms, penetrates, fortifies those cells,
Chambers of deceit, ubiquitous caves,
Make safe for all who dwell there,
All the strains of life's cadence.

To finish the cleansing of the field
These rays find succor, rapport
By measured draughts of discovery,
Enhance the brilliance within,
Humanize, sterilize with sharp resolve.

Victory now in hand, the enemy gone,
Set once again the guards and huntsmen
To scrutinize all rooms, all caves, all cells
Forever to gird the vigor of life.

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