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Volume 1, Issue 3
Autumn 2005:

Call for Manuscripts: Nimrod International Journal, "The Healing Arts" (Spring 2006)

Cell 2 Soul. 2005 Autumn; 1(3):a14

Born of the cataclysmic events of recent history, the Spring 2006 issue of Nimrod International Journal will contain works dealing with natural and man-made devastation — war, flood, terrorism, disease. We also welcome submissions on any subject by doctors and other practitioners of the healing arts.

In this way, we demonstrate once again how art and literature are part of the healing process, inviting us to express grief, pain, anger, and love, while the demands of craft — including an absence of sentimentality and cliché — dictate that those emotions be shaped and transmuted into lasting story and poem.

Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2006

Publication date: April, 2006

Send to: Nimrod, The University of Tulsa, 600 S. College Ave., Tulsa, OK 74104

For more information, visit: http://www.utulsa.edu/nimrod/manuscripts.html

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