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Volume 1, Issue 2
Summer 2005:

One Out of Eight

Blanche Rosloff

Cell 2 Soul. 2005 Summer; 1(2):a1

One Out of Eight, by Blanche Rosloff
One Out of Eight,
Blanche Rosloff

I'm on alert
fully awake.
Then I remember the call.

"Mom, I've got breast cancer."
The words careen at me
through the phone.

I feel taut, on guard:
my skin pulls across my back,
a chill engulfs me.
Too early in her life she must face
the possibility of dying.

I run fingers through my hair
remembering a headline:
"One in eight women
will contact breast cancer."

I listen, thinking of her birth
forty-seven years ago.
She came at dawn, in time
with the feathered magenta sky.
She grew up shy,
and smart, and full of smiles.

Now I hear plans for a mastectomy,
for lymph node removal, for chemotherapy.

Over my left shoulder
invisible birds shrieks.
The sound like a newborn at midnight
awakes a deep panic

in my soul.

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