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Volume 1, Issue 3
Autumn 2005:

The Widow's Might

William Zeckhausen, D.Div.

Cell 2 Soul. 2005 Autumn; 1(3):a7

The author, a minister and a pastoral counselor, still recalls 35 years later an awkward and poignant memorial service he was requested to perform by the senior minister in a prominent New England church where he was apprenticing. A widow had taken her life, and requested by note that a minister at historic Old South Church in Boston perform the service. No one at the church knew who she was, let alone any relatives of friends she may have had... Rev. Bill Zeckhausen, Assistant Minister, discovered when arriving to lead the service one person, the funeral director. He addresses his dilemma and his feelings... and still wonders who the woman was, and what her experience was that led her to suicide, as well as to an Old South Church minister.

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